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Welcome to Notebook STORE Merchant Seller Program. Because our goal is the same as yours. We’re committed to sell great stuff. Just like you, we promise our customers value and quality as well as authenticity. What’s more we can help take your business to the next level too.

Join India’s unique marketplace for ‘Rising Local Brands’ We want to make local Indian good products available for our consumers, anywhere anytime, on-demand. Come and be a key part of our growth story.

We are into the business of enabling a platform for our Merchant so that they can sell authentic and good quality products online. We have an experience of more than 5 years and we know the ins and outs of this business.

We are a bootstrapped startup and started our journey with an initial investment of ₹ 0. Yes A business can be started with zero initial investment and lots of hard work. We have sold huge numbers of products on our platform in the last 3 years. This is a great achievement for us especially when considering the fact that our organization is self sustainable.

As a Merchant Seller, you will be able to leverage the benefits and customer trust that we have gathered in the past. Unlike other bigger e commerce brands, Notebook STORE do free email marketing, blog posts, social media marketing, discounts and everything.

✔️Seller Benefits

✔️Sell your products online all over India with 0% Commission.

✔️Create brand awareness of your local products and make it Global.

✔️Reach faster to new consumers.

✔️Gain credibility and consumers trust.

✔️Simple Merchant-Seller Registration Process for Merchant Enrollment.
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✔️Simplest steps to list and set-up your products to reach new consumers to know more please Contact Us.

✔️Additional Benefits 

Merchant can also earn through Notebook STORE Prime Merchant Referral Program Get Detail. Also get the benefits on purchase to avail Prime Coupons get the details on Coupon Section. Get Detail 

✔️Seller Program 

What Notebook STORE Are Looking For...

✔️Products which fit with our core values-  independent, quality and ethical – Across our Range of Product Categories.

✔️Good quality products, with good photography.

✔️ We have Accessibility of domestic shipment across India. We as a Notebook STORE are associated with multiple of logistic partners and with best of the courier services our Integrated doorstep delivery & pick up facility is unique part of our e commerce platform & domestically we are accessible more than 28,000 of pin code pan India. As we are customer centric organization and always belief in customer satisfaction then its more important to provide end to end solutions to our customers to build the real trust. Same way we takes care all required part of the shipment in terms of COD facility, Bulk stock Shipment, Easy Return, Proper Reconciliation & updation too, Real time tracking, Help & Support Team and many more.

✔️As already mentioned that a good amount of accessibility we have Pan India but still if Pickup facility will not be there in your pin code then Merchant has to Maintain the listed Product as per listed stock at Notebook STORE Warehouse apart of this if Merchant want to avail the benefit of warehouse facility across then as of now its available free of cost.

✔️Basic & Mandatory Requirements. Merchant should have a Laptop or Computer System along with Printer,  Weighing Machine, Packaging Material & Measuring tape for product dimension.

✔️Register Your Account

To start selling on Notebook STORE, you need to first create an account on NotebookSTORE.

Register Your Account

All you need is Mobile Number & Email ID

After Successful Registration you need Enrollment for Merchant Seller Plan.

Merchant Subscription Enrollment Form

All you need is Aadhaar, Pan, GST Detail, Bank Account Details for Payout (Active Bank Account with the same GST)

Once you have provided these details, enter your Store Name which will be the name of your online business. Add the Pickup Address from which orders will be picked up by our logistics partners. And, that’s all. Your Merchant Account on Notebook STORE will be created.


》Shipping Process

The orders must be shipped within 2-3 days from the date of receiving the order within the agreed time provided by you. Our logistics partner will pick up the order from your pickup address and deliver it directly to the customer. You can track the live status of your order after dispatch the products.

1-Manage and process your orders through Notebook STORE Online Platform.

After receiving the order Notebook STORE will communicate you for further process. The orders must be shipped within 2-3 days from the date of receiving the order within the agreed time provided by you. Seller has to manage the pre dispatch activity once done, you will have to download & print the Label and Manifest for further procedure. Complete process proceed as per Notebook STORE shipping process.

2-Pack your product and keep it ready for pickup.

Pack the product properly in packaging material with Notebook STORE branding. You have to pack your product as per instruction provided by Notebook STORE. Notebook STORE does not provide any packaging material except Notebook STORE Branding tape which is chargeable. Please ensure that the product is properly packed and paste the label on the packaging.

3-Hand over the product to Notebook STORE Delivery Partner.

Our logistics partner will pick up the order from your pickup address and deliver it directly to the customer.

✔️Seller Fulfilment Process 

Q-What is Seller Fulfilment..?

Once you on board Notebook STORE as a seller you are automatically a part of the Seller Fulfilment. 

Under seller fulfilment, you are responsible for processing and managing your orders and inventory. Once you have packed your orders and marked RTD, a courier agent will collect this package and deliver it to the respective customer.

Notebook STORE provides you a basic training of how to process your orders, how to pack them and how to fulfil these orders.

Benefit of Seller Fulfilment

Being a part of the seller fulfilment you have the liberty to choose your own SLA, the number of working days and process orders as per your convenience. Also, you don’t have to worry about the delivery of your products, Notebook Store will take care of it.

✔️Notebook STORE Fulfilment Process

Q-What is Notebook STORE Fulfilment?

At Notebook STORE we help you have maximum returns with minimum investment. That’s why the Notebook STORE Fulfilment service offers you the use of our state-of-the-art fulfilment centres at very low costs. You store your products in our fulfilment centres where we take utmost care of your inventory

So, get more business with less investment.

Q-What does Notebook STORE Fulfilment offer?

Fulfilment centre space

Faster delivery of your products

Quality check of your products by our experts

Packaging that will delight your customers

Benefits of Notebook STORE Fulfilment:

Seamless order processing

Rigorous quality checks

Quality packaging materials

✔️Payment Cycle

Settlement Amount securely deposited directly to Your Notebook STORE Wallet or Your bank account within 7-10 business days After delivery as well as completing the contracted period as per Payout & Cancellation Policy of Notebook STORE.

Payment of sales will be credited to Mechant Bank Account or Merchant Wallet of Notebook STORE after completing the contracted period of product cancelation, refund & return as per applicable Notebook STORE Cancelation Policy & Payout Policy. Merchant-Seller payout will be as per margin sharing matrix and after deducting Notebook STORE margin & applicable charges fallowed by applicable Policies the amount will be settled & credited in Merchant Bank Account or Merchant Wallet of Notebook STORE.

Bank Charges will be applicable on Seller payout as per applicable charges.

✔️Fee Structure

Notebook STORE present most competitive seller rate card to reduce the pricing to fulfilment end to end process for each product sales, transparent delivery charges based on the weight and dimensions of your products and a very small fixed fee.

Commission fee - Percentage of Order item value (depends on category & sub-category)

Shipping fee - Calculated on the basis of product weight and shipping location

Collection fee - Payment gateway or cash collection charges for every sale.

Fixed fee - A small fee that Notebook STORE charges on all transactions.

✔️Shipping Fee

Notebook STORE offers the competitive shipping cost and with such low delivery charges, you can receive orders from all over India for the same we have tied up with multiple Logistics Partners.

Delivery charges will be applicable and may vary as per product weight , destination distance and also as per applicable taxes and as per Notebook STORE Shipping Policy.

》In the process of pay out we mandate delivery to all customers via our logistics partners and we deduct the shipping cost from the selling price before making a payment to you. Shipping fee is calculated on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. This is to account for items which are lightweight but occupy a lot of shipping space. Volumetric Weight (kg) = Length (cm) X Breadth (cm) X Height (cm)/5000


0.0 Kg - 0.5 Kg  -  ₹69
0.5 Kg - 1.0 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg ) - ₹37
1.0 Kg - 1.5 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg ) - ₹29
1.5 Kg - 2.0 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg ) - ₹21
2.0 Kg - 3.0 Kg ( For every 0.5 kg ) - ₹19
3.0 Kg - 12.0 Kg ( For every 1 kg ) - ₹15
> 12.0 Kg ( For every 1 kg ) - ₹12

✔️Return Shipping Fee

Any discrepancy regarding order cancelation the return charges will be payed by Merchant-Seller. Notebook STORE will not be responsible for any damage or missing products. If any appropriate Insurance cover will be applicable by any source of shipping company then Merchant or Customer can take absolute benefits of the coverage.

If a customer returns a product, then the seller is charged a return shipping fee based on the weight of the shipment.

If an order is not delivered to a customer and gets converted to an RTO (Return to Origin), the seller will not be charged any additional fee for shipping.

All return & RTO related charges can be tracked & managed using different tools that are provided to Notebook STORE.

Please note that for some exceptional cases, the return shipping fees can be waived off.

✔️Collection Fee

A small payment collection fee is charged to you for all prepaid and postpaid orders that you receive. The Collection fee will vary depending on the payment type chosen by the customer (Prepaid/Postpaid) . For a prepaid order - Based on Payment gateway, For a postpaid order - Based on cash collection charges. The collection fee will be calculated on the final selling price of a product. The final selling price is a sum of the amount paid by the Customer including shipping charges, if any (Price of product + Shipping charges). This will remain the same for all sellers irrespective of the category and tier.

Selling Price




Bank Charges will be applicable on Seller payout as per applicable charges.

✔️Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee is a small amount charged for every successful sale transaction. A successful sale transaction is an order which has been successfully delivered to the customer. In case of any customer return, this fee is charged. However, no fee is charged in case of a courier return. Also, this fee varies based on the order item value irrespective of the category and seller tier.

Order Item Value



✔️Margin Sharing

Margin sharing will be applicable on few of the products or Categories and based on product sold through our portal online & offline both. Margin sharing will be based on the Matrix of Seller part of Notebook STORE also on mutual contract between Notebook STORE and Merchant-Seller.

✔️Merchant Cashback Program

Notebook STORE Presenting Wonderful Merchant Cashback Program where Merchant will achieve 100% cashback with easy & simple process. Merchant Cashback Program is applicable only for Prime SILVER, Prime GOLD & Prime PLATINUM.

✔️After Achieving the sale as per plan Merchant will Get Cashback of Instantly in their Notebook STORE Wallet.

For Prime SILVER Cashback is ₹2,500 after Achieving the online sales of ₹25,000/. For 100% cashback contracted online sales must be happen within a period of 3 Month from the date of Merchant Enrollment (Prime SILVER).

For Prime GOLD Cashback is ₹5,000 after Achieving the online sales of ₹5,0000/. For 100% cashback contracted online sales must be happen within a period of 6 Month from the date of Merchant Enrollment (Prime GOLD).

For Prime PLATINUM Cashback is ₹10,000 after Achieving the online sales of ₹100,000/. For 100% cashback contracted online sales must be happen within a period of 9 Month from the date of Merchant Enrollment (Prime PLATINUM).

✔️Only Merchant-Seller owned listed Products will be consider for the sale. Subject to the Condition rest all the products listed on Notebook STORE portal will not be consider for contracted sales under the Merchant Cashback Program.

Note -If you are a brand that fits the above criteria and would like to apply to join Notebook STORE request to please complete our short application form Merchant-Seller Enrollment also can go-through Merchant Details We would love to understand & learn more about you please come and be a key part of our growth story. If you are still not convinced request to please Contact Us and we will address all your queries.

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