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Notebook STORE  Introducing  India's   first online  e-commerce platform where each and every individual can make a peaceful  &  long-term career with  it. Notebook STORE  is one of the best source of active & passive income its a easy way for getting employment as well as can avail the benefits of shopping to buy needful & best quality products of Stationery, Essential Goods, Books  &  Educational Toys.  We  are  committed  to  provide  you the best  &  top brand  products.

Our  online  shopping  helps  in  reducing  the  cost of  products, so less affluent people can also afford the  best quality  products.

Our responsibility with the ethical process of business and our moral responsibility towards our country is 100  %    Literacy  &  100  %  Employment.  We  Notebook STORE  believe in the power of recognition and empowerment leading to great business engagement have a mission of 100% Employment as well as 100  %  Literacy. As we have a mission of 100  %  Literacy in India which not only includes Academic Education but also Moral Education which is missing from the system & is highly important to have in upcoming Future of the world. Our mission & dream is to educate 100  %  children. Want to serve underdeveloped schools by providing them school stationery, Books educational toys for the same we are working effectively.

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